Saturday, 2 June 2012

Funny Jubilee Poem

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, Max has written a rather wonderful poem about the Queen which is funny, touching and emphasises how normal she is.

Jubilee Party
by Max Scratchmann

It was the royal Jubilee, the princes cried, Hooray!
It's time to throw a party, for Mummy's holiday.

They hurried down to Poundland, to buy some paper cups,
And plastic Chinese Union Jacks, and hats for Corgi pups.

But what about the food we'll eat, the cupboard's bare as sand,
Oh, worry not, the Queen replied, your mum has been to Iceland.
Do you think the Queen really shops at Iceland and the royal princes at Poundland? We do know she has tupperware boxes of cereal on the royal breakfast table, so it's possible.

Footman Note
Max actually wrote four Jubilee Poems for us, but the other three, while not rude, weren't quite suitable for younger children. If you're aged 9+ and would like to read them, you'll find them on the Peculiar Poetry Jubilee Poems page.

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